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Our Football Coaching Philosophy

Garforth Villa Football Club has been providing football for kids and adults in Leeds since 1970. We've come a long way since then, with both boys and girls football teams now playing at our club. Our Coaching Philosophy is the heart of what we do.

If you are looking into what grassroots clubs can offer you in the local area, then Garforth Villa Football Club is perfectly positioned to be able to offer you our expertise in coaching, learning and football player development.

Joining a grassroots football club is a great way to learn and develop the skills of a professional footballer, in a fun, safe, all inclusive environment. We provide kids with a safe place to learn football in Garforth, Leeds. By joining Garforth Villa Football Club, you can begin to learn to play football and maximise your enjoyment of the game. Our practice sessions are designed by Coaches, to aid the ability of the player. It is important to remember, that at junior level, it is especially important to allow the player to develop their skills whilst feeling safe to maximise their enjoyment of the game. Junior football isn't all about winning matches. It is also about developing the player and the person, such as building their confidence and developing their social skills, many of which they can use throughout life


All our Coaches qualified to FA Level 1 or higher and love teaching football to kids. They have all undertaken FA safeguarding courses, are fully CRB checked and licensed to Coach by The FA. In addition, all our Coaches have undertaken the FA First Aid Course for Coaches. 


Players, you can be sure of receiving the best coaching available in Garforth. Our in-house Football Coaching Philosophy is designed to provide the very best possible footballing learning experience to you, and to equip you with the skills to go on and play at the highest possible level.


Coaches, you can be sure of receiving the full support and backing of a well run grassroots football club. We are here to help support you through your Coaching journey, helping you achieve as a minimum, The FA level 1 qualification or higher should you wish to develop your skills further. We are certain that should you wish to become involved as a Coach, then you find this a hugely rewarding experience, helping develop young people into the professional players of the future.

Whatever you want, Garforth Villa Football Club is here to support you.

Let's Play Football


  • All Coaches Qualified to FA Level 1 or Higher

  • Full Safeguarding In Place

  • Licensed To Coach

  • All Coaches Have Undertaken The FA First Aid Course

  • In-House Coaching Philosophy 

Coaching Philosophy

  • Our Club is proud to have its own coaching philosophy. The aim of our philosophy is to establish a distinct Garforth Villa Football Club culture based on clear values and beliefs. Our aim is for all those who wear our kit - including coaches and players – to be consistent in the way they work and behave, both on and off the pitch.

  • The long-term aim of our philosophy is to create the best possible footballing learning environment to equip our boys and girls with the tools and skills to go and play at the highest level possible.  We want to create technically proficient players, who understand the game and make good decisions.

  • To help to achieve this aim, we will seek to create an environment that allows them to develop and enjoy what they are doing. Our teams will be prepared and encouraged to win games, tournaments and competitions at every level. Winning is a crucial part of a players development journey and success at development level breeds confidence for winning now and in the future.

  • However, ‘winning’ is not just about trophies. We want them to be winners in different ways, e.g. win the appreciation of those watching them play through good football, win the respect of their opponents and of each other, win the plaudits for playing the game in the right spirit.


“Player First, Player Centred, and Results Second.”

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