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Let Them Play Football

We all remember the days of putting on our boots and pretending whatever local park or space we could find was our favourite football clubs ground. I could have been inside Elland Road, wherever I played.

We also remember we just wanted to play football because we enjoyed the game so much. It wasn't about anything else, it was just about playing football for enjoyment with our mates.

As the new season approaches and many of our teams kick off this coming weekend, let's take a moment to remember, this is kids football so please just let them play!

We want you to support our young players - your children - positively. Encourage them during the game, cheer them on by all means, but don't bark orders at them, which may contradict what the coach has just been telling them. The let coaches do the coaching. Let they players do the playing and parents you do the supporting. Support the players and coaches when things don't go according to plan and remember at the end of the day, we are all volunteers, even the referee!

So, let them play football and enjoy the coming season. And remember, when you are driving away from the pitch after the match, win or lose take a moment to ask your child how they did and if they enjoyed today!

Up The Villa 😀

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