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Garforth Villa FC Gala 2022

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

On 25 and 26 June 2022, Garforth Villa FC held its annual football Gala. Our two day event, was a huge Success with lots of fantastic football action between all the teams who entered.

On behalf of the committee we cannot express enough thanks and congratulations to the Tour Teams 2023 for running such a successful gala. It takes special people to be so committed. The same thank you goes for coaches and parents from other age groups who helped out on the day. We always need people to support the gala and we had coaches step up from early Friday morning.

Thank you also, to all the coaches who took part in the “Splat the coach”. It was just for fun, at the end of a great day, to bring more smiles to the players faces and helped raise some extra money for our Tour Teams. Thank you for taking part, hopefully you dried off quickly in the sunshine.

To remember this wonderful day, take a look at the video below. Can you spot yourself?

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